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Social Contribution

Open lectures

Held as a part of lifetime education for pharmacists

Open lectures are held three times a year, under the theme “Effects and Adverse Reactions of Drugs—For Safety Management in Drug Therapies.
”Following the revision of the Medical Care Act, pharmacists are required not only to understand mechanisms of action, but also to be able to identify adverse reactions at an early stage, and propose actions for avoiding or relieving ADR. Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences hopes that these lectures will help pharmacists establish their position as safety managers in drug therapies.

Community lectures

Providing opportunities for enhancing understanding of drugs and health

People’s expectations for health, as well as required healthcare and welfare, are substantially changing as quality of life improves. As a part of healthcare-related institutions, Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences holds regular community lectures twice a year, so that people can enhance their understanding of drugs and health. A drug consultation service is also provided, in which front-line pharmacists answer questions and concerns about drugs.

Other contribution to the local community

Study visits from elementary schools

As part of the school curriculum for comprehensive studies, Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences accepts study visits from local elementary schools, and gives them a tour around the university facilities.

Workplace experience for junior high school students

Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences accepts students from local junior high schools for workplace experience, letting them experience various tasks.

Physical assessment seminars

These seminars are held by the Academic Exchange Promotional Working Group. Joint symposiums are also held by the Translational Medicine and Drug Research Committee.

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