Research Facilities

Highly advanced researches and education programs require the most cutting-edge research facilities.
Laboratories are equipped with various machines and devices that are indispensable for the promotion of research projects in the respective scientific fields. These ideal research facilities contribute to further exploration.

FACSAriaII Cell sorter systemA

This system is used to analyze the expression of cell-surface molecules and intracellular molecules in a highly sensitive, rapid and simple manner. It is also used to sort out target cells.

BIACORE T100 System for sensitive trace detection of bimolecular interactions

This state-of-the-art system is a surface plasmon resonance-based instrument for real-time detection of bimolecular interactions; it is expected to be applied to various research fields.

Ultrabright multi-wavelength X-ray diffractometer for protein analysis

This device is used to conduct atomic-level analysis of 3D-protein structures using ultraintense X-rays.

Mass spectrometer (MS)

An MS is a precision analyzer used to obtain, from a trace of a sample, information about its molecular weight, structure and composition.

Nuclear magnetic resonator (NMR)

An NMR uses the magnetic property of an atomic nucleus to analyze the planar structures and 3D structures of organic compounds, proteins and nucleic acids.

Vivid E9 (Ultrasound diagnostic system)

This is the world’s first ultrasound diagnostic system, which has enabled the collection of overall cardiac data in one heartbeat, as well as real-time visualization of 3D images. The latest model frequently used in a clinical setting has been installed in the experimental animal center. It can be used in a large variety of animal experiments.

Typhoon 9400 System

This system is used to conduct a protein differential expression analysis by combining two technologies: fluorescent labeling and 2D electrophoresis of protein samples.

Genetic analysis system

This system performs DNA base sequence determination and fragment analysis of PCR amplification products using fluorescent labeling technology. It has enabled simultaneous rapid analysis of multiple samples.

Bio-image analyzer

This highly sensitive detector labels proteins, nucleic acids and lipids in the living body, and digitally visualizes them.