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Reliable support enables a diverse choice of career paths

Whatever job you are going to take up in the future, you are required to have communication skills, enthusiasm at work, and the ability to solve problems. To enable students to successfully acquire these skills and abilities, Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences emphasizes career education from an early stage. In the first and second years, students are guided to investigate pharmacy from a broad perspective to determine the areas they would like to work in. In the third and fourth years, students are supported in identifying their aptitudes, and enhancing their understanding of various industries and job types. In the fifth and sixth years, students can start practical activities based on the latest information from diverse companies, consulting the Career Support Section. The university assists efficient job hunting through support programs that unfold in accordance with the years and job-hunting steps. The reliable support systems enable each student to exercise their strengths and proceed along a satisfactory career path.

One-on-one interviews are started at an early stage, supporting the choice of possible career paths

All members of the Career Support Section are qualified as Career Development Advisors (CDAs), and have broad knowledge and understanding about possible careers, as well as specialized information concerning pharmacy-related occupations. Continuous and caring support is available for each student. Career interviews are held from an early stage after entrance, enabling students to steadily conceptualize their career paths, referring to specialized advice.

Various preparatory seminars and guidance events are held by job type

Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences holds various career guidance events throughout the year. Students can refer to such events in their choice of career path, and also collect information for effective job hunting after making their choice. Preparatory seminars for public service entrance exams are particularly popular, and more than 10% of our students pass these exams every year. This rate is one of the highest rates among universities across Japan.

Career Support Section assists effective job hunting

Have you started thinking about your future career path? Do you need specific information about a certain job? Would you like to know how to start your job hunting? Whenever you want to take action toward job hunting, visit the Career Support Section. It is never too early to start preparing for placement. You can not only consult caring staff, but also access abundant materials concerning companies, hospitals, pharmacies, and public services across Japan, which will facilitate your research into industries and companies.

In-university corporate seminars on different jobs (Companies, pharmacies, hospitals, government agencies, etc.)

In-university corporate seminars on different jobs are held with a main focus on fifth- and sixth-year students. Recruitment staff are invited from pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, hospitals, and government agencies, providing students with opportunities to talk with them in person. More than 300 students proactively participate each time the seminar is held.

Training for group discussions and group interviews

Toward winning an informal job offer, requirements and points for improvement are clarified for each student. Students can also understand the key points for evaluation in group discussions and group interviews. The training is also aimed at helping students recognize their strong points, enabling them to take employment exams with confidence.