Campus Map

In the premises, with a total area of 59,260 m2, Buildings A, B, C and D, the Gymnasium, the University Hall, the Student Club House, and other buildings are laid out efficiently.

Building B

In the spacious building, research facilities are laid out efficiently.

Building C

Classrooms and seminar rooms for different numbers of students are located here, to maximize their learning efficiency.


The building has a large arena on the first floor, and dojos for judo and kendo on the second floor. Training rooms, shower rooms, and changing rooms are available.

University Hall

The building has a student cafeteria on the first floor, and seminar rooms and Japanese-style rooms on the second floor, which are used by cultural club activities.

Building A

As you enter the main gate and climb up the hill, the hemisphere-shaped bright building appears as a symbol of Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Building D

The newest building in Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, equipped with facilities, devices, and an auditorium that enable the latest clinical pharmacy studies and practical training.